Al Jurf Pest Control Services | Water Tank Cleaning
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Water Tank Cleaning

Water storage tanks are present in many buildings and provide water to many systems and users. Keeping in mind the importance of water, we cannot ignore the priority of keeping water tanks hygienic and disinfected. Over the time debris and other contaminants will build up within the water tanks and provide a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella. Other harmful bacteria may also be present and if left unchecked these can create a high risk environment for the entire building.

The products used by Al Jurf for water tank cleaning is certified by the municipality to conduct the cleaning process for all types of industrial and domestic water tanks that are used for drinking water.

As a result of cleaning and disinfecting the water tanks you can be assured of high quality water feeding your system thus ensuring the safety for all. Chlorination disinfection of the tank down services can also be carried out at the same time as the water tank clean to ensure complete confidence in the water services.

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